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Below are my most recently completed or ongoing projects with some details of my work.

- pending -

In 2005-2006 I was engaged by the James River Institute for Archeology (Williamsburg, VA) and Science Applications International Corporation (Hampton, VA) to produce HAER measured drawings of six major sites at Langley Air Force Base -- five wind tunnels and a lunar lander research facility. Several of these sites are National Historic Landmarks. The drawings were prepared almost completely from existing sets of engineering drawings, maps and contemporary digital photograps. I generated two cutaway views of two wind tunnels from detailed 3D CAD models built up from engineering drawings. I also aided in preparation of historical reports and large format photographs.

As of November, 2006 the measured drawings would not have been transferred to the HAER collection at the Library of Congress, but I plan to put them up on this website shortly. They were reviewed by HAER prior to final submittal to SAIC and HAER.

- pending -

As part of a restoration team consisting of Arnold M. Graton (Arnold M. Graton Associates, Holderness, NH), David C. Fischetti (DCF Engineering, Inc. Cary, NC) and Ron Anthony (Anthony & Associates, Inc., Fort Collins, CO), I have been engaged to do research and [HAER] documentary drawings for this historic wooden covered bridge. Though we were awarded the contract, and work was scheduled to begin in June 2006, funding was more limited than had been anticipated by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Negotiations for a phased project have yet to be completed. Stay tuned!

- complete -

Henry Ford built this plant to manufacture his early automobiles. The Model T that "put American on wheels"was designed in a "secret room" in this three-floor building. Remants of his office survive. The Model T's success was so rapid that this plant was sold only a few years after it opened. Ford built a much larger plant nearby which turned out Model Ts by the thousands. The project I am assigned is to apply my skills in industrial archeology to discovering the location of this "secret room" and establishing the size and locations of the offices of Mr. Ford and his associates. I may also do some work identifying the locations of assembly jigs, workbenches and other automobile assembly line components. The effort will combine examination of the structure as well as careful scrutiny of old photographs, oral histories, and other historical records.

You can go to for further information.

The full 145-page color report is for sale for $55.00 (including shipping) from The Model T Automotive Heritage Complex, Inc., 140 Edison Avenue, Detroit, MI 48202-1559.

SCHOONER YACHT "CORONET," NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND (International Yacht Restoration School)
- ongoing -

The "Coronet" is the United States' only surviving "Gilded Age" yacht. About 132 feet long on deck, she was built in 1885 and had a very distiguished career. Much of her original interiors survive intact, and most of her hull appears to be original. I have been producing highly detailed measured drawings of this vessel since 1999, starting with deck plans, then documentation of each compartment, followed by studies to determine her original deck sheer and hull shape for purposes of restoration. I completed a framing plan for her hull in 2005. The vessel was recently transferred to a new owner who will complete her restoration at the IYRS quay in Newport. Restoration by the Rutherford Boatshop, Inc. of Richmond, CA is expected to resume at IYRS in the summer of 2007.

You might check and /history.htm for more information.

SCHOONER "C.A. THAYER," SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA (San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, National Park Service)
- complete -

In 2003 I was contracted by BMT Designers & Planners of Arlington, Virginia to do HAER measured drawings as an addendum to earlier documentation of this National Historic Landmark vessel, prior to her haul-out for restoration. In 2004 I made a second field trip to collect additional measurements of her lumber ports and unusual stern construction, made much more accessible while she was being dismantled. I generated a detailed exploded view of her unsual stern construction from a 3D CAD model I built from field measurements. I generated a framing plan of her hull (In CAD) for the shipyard (Bay Ship and Yacht, Inc., Oakland, CA) before I returned to my office. The HAER drawing set was significantly cut back in 2004 after cost overruns loomed for the vessel's restoration. The vessel's rig and several detailed features were eliminated from the drawing set, though field work was completed. Copies of the field work and drawings are on file at the park's research library.

You might check and especially for ongoing photos of this vessel's restoration.

Last Updated: November 5, 2006